ROBERT KUHN, Partner KEVIN BOONSTRA, Partner CHRIS BECKER, Partner IAN MOES, Partner PATRICK SELINGER, Associate Counsel KELLY DOYLE, Associate Counsel RACHEL SHAW, Associate JONATHAN MARYNIUK, Associate ANDREW DELMONICO, Associate Anne COCHRANE, Associate JOHN  WIEBE, Associate LAURIE A. SMITH, Administration Coordinator BARBARA SMEYSTERS, Accounting Coordinator ANETTE SOMERVILLE, Paralegal SHARI NYSTROM, Paralegal VAL VAN DEN RAADT, Legal Assistant LAURA GREENLEES, Corportate Legal Assistant ADELINA UNGOS, Legal Assistant ASHLEY COCHRANE, Legal Assistant ERIN BARNES, Legal Assistant CHELSEY ANDERSON, Legal Assistant PATTIE RAINS, Office Clerk CATHY KLIEWER, Receptionist


Trust is invaluable. It is at the heart of every successful professional relationship. The team at Kuhn LLP works diligently to be worthy of our clients' trust. Our enduring commitment: To be trusted problem solvers.

We believe that the practice of law must continually earn its role as a trusted, caring and problem solving profession.  Since 1998, our team has established its reputation by doing just that: earning and retaining the invaluable trust of those we serve.

We serve the legal needs of a broad spectrum of clients, including:

  • Businesses and other entities involved in a wide range of commercial endeavours such as construction, real estate, manufacturing and farming
  • Charities, churches and not-for-profit organizations
  • Individuals and families needing help to resolve problems in a variety of areas such as estates, family matters, wrongful dismissal and defamation